Wednesday, March 6, 2013

32 bar AABA form and Joe Pass solo

32 bar AABA form and Joe Pass solo in Stuffy w/Herb Ellis

I thought it was a good idea to listen to solos and break them down. I'm also trying to find stuff that is playable. So here is a nice one that you can learn a lot form and much of it is quite playable.

Stuffy (video below) is a 32 bar AABA tune almost exactly the same as "Rhythm Changes". The A sections in this tune are essentially rhythm changes, but the bridge is different. It is also a very common progression for a Bridge (B section) and broken down to the basics, looks like this below. It's in the key of Eb. Adding  II  V equivalents make is more jazzy.
Key of Eb
B section  (Bridge)
||  Eb7      |             |  Abmaj7     |              |

| F7         |              | Bb7           |               ||  

Whatever the bridge progression, listen to this for the AABA format over and over again. Get used to hearing it repeated.
Listen to Joe Pass Solo around 2:00.
I'm transcribing part of Joe Pass' solo. I have the bridge and A done but still need 2 AAs. I think we can learn a lot from the Bridge I've already transcribed. 
You can hear this bridge at 2:20
I have a transcription, and we can break it down.

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