Friday, November 16, 2012

Thurs Nov 16, Autumn Leaves, All of Me


I love it! Thanks Marlene and Freddy.
You can play along with this one guys, it's in your key.
You can go nuts on Youtube yourselves and find your other versions to listen to.


Barney Kessel - Key of Cm/Eb 

Miles Davis
Here's Miles version of Autumn Leaves. It's in the other common key that this tune is found in, Bb/Gm, and you should learn it in that key as well. It's not a hard transpose. It's just so great to groove along with this..the best! Listen to the chord progression.

....and even Eric Clapton
 Here's Eric Clapton's contribution to the world of Autumn Leaves. It's in the Key of Bm/D. Listen to the chords going by.

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