Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 2 - Sept 27, 2012 - Lesson Recap

Week 2 - What we did. 

1) Freddie, keep practising!
2) Mixolydian Scale – Root on bottom E string with 2nd finger.
3) Blues with Everything - 12 bar blues with a  II - V change at the end and a repeating riff melody. It also uses: (Video coming)
  1. Mixolydian scale
  2. Blues note (Flated 3rd), the slide.
  3. b7 sounds
  4. A common riff that repeats (8th fret for C, 10th fret for D)
    • Practice melody
    • Practice playing rhythm using the chords
    • Practice the mixolydian scale over top of the chords.
      Note: When you get to Am7 and D9, just play D mixolydian. Don’t worry about the Am. 
4) The “5, V” chord and it’s various colors and functions. Read the sheet. You don’t have to “get” it all, just read it.

5) New chords – Just try to play them and remember when the roots are. To practice the fingering, try playing them using a basic rhythm, back and forth, with another chord you already know. Just go back and forth from chord to chord. Not only does this help you get the fingering together, it also helps train your ear because you hear what different chords sound like together.   
Diminished - 2 positions
1.      Root on low E string
2.      Root on A string

Half-diminished – 2 positions
1.      Root on low E string
2.      Root on A string

Here's the Blues with Everything tune, Key of G

Want to do something more adventurous? 
Here's the same tune but using the Freddie the Freeloader riff along with the melody. Check it out, try it.

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